Bowlegs Assembly of God Church

Planning on Visiting?

Whether you've attended church your whole life or have never stepped foot in a church, Bowlegs Assembly is a great place to be. Come take a look around and sit in on one of our services. You'll find a diverse community of people who are passionate about growing in faith, sharing Jesus' love and having fun while we do it!

What to Expect?

· Casual atmosphere, serious faith & loving people
· Energetic & inspiring worship.
· Fun & age-appropriate programming for students and kids


Most importantly WE PREACH JESUS, while you may hear things that will help you be a better person, have a better marriage, or be more fulfilled, without Jesus none of that matters.  At Bowlegs Assembly we preach Jesus.  We preach through the Bible because the Bible is about Jesus.  Often on Wednesday Night Bible study we will go through books of the Bible, verse by verse, so you can see what the Bible teaches and how it relates to Jesus.  It is because of Jesus that we can be better people, have better marriages and be more fulfilled.  We preach Jesus from the Bible because we believe that faith comes by hearing the word of God, the Bible.  All of our sermons are recorded on DVD and are available upon request.


We understand there’s not a "one size fits all" church for everyone

We understand there’s not a "one size fits all" church for everyone. Finding community is a vital part of doing life in faith and in the city, and we know that many times when people first come to faith or move to a new city they start looking for a church home. We would love to invite you to check out Bowlegs Assembly of God as a part of your search!